How Can the Tooth Fairy Teach Brushing?

Children often think of the Tooth Fairy when they lose a tooth, but did you know the fairy can also help teach good brushing habits? Some lore states that fairies want the best teeth to build their queen’s castle, while teeth of lower quality are ground up and used to pave the streets. The going… Read more »

Tips to Lower Your Risk of Cavities

Are you concerned about developing cavities? Cavities develop when a tooth becomes damaged after the protective layer of tooth enamel covering it is weakened as a result of acid erosion, in part from plaque buildup. An untreated cavity could result in an infection, which could require a root canal or an extraction.   Below, we… Read more »

Developing an Effective Gum Disease Treatment Plan

Gum disease is often the direct result of poor oral hygiene habits. Failing to brush your teeth each morning and night or failing to remember to floss at least once per day can leave hardened tartar on the base of your teeth near the gumline. If it persists this constant bacterial presence can lead to… Read more »

A Tooth Affected by a Large Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown Restoration

When a cavity first develops on a tooth, it can sometimes spread quickly. This is even more likely to be an issue if you don’t practice consistent daily oral hygiene measures, or you fail to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkup at ’s dental office. If an area of tooth decay has spread too far… Read more »

Holiday Dentistry: Cavity Prevention

Do you have an effective cavity prevention checklist in place? That is to say, are you taking the necessary steps to keep your smile safe due to proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and ideal lifestyle choices? If not, here are a few suggestions you should ask yourself to determine if your oral health care… Read more »

Understanding Your Options for Cosmetically Enhancing Your Smile

The appearance of your teeth factors heavily in many of your facial expressions. It can also affect your self-image and sense of self-confidence. If your teeth have been altered in appearance by significant dental stains, physical defects in the tooth enamel, or other cosmetic imperfections, you should consider setting up a consultation with a like… Read more »

Dentures: The Basics

What do you know about false teeth? Do you understand what they’re developed from or why they’re created? Do you recognize how to care for them? To support you to wrap your mind around false teeth, we’ve prepared the following info for you. We hope that you find it informative. If you have any further… Read more »

Night Guards: Protecting Your Teeth During Sleep

For lots of people, teeth grinding can be a serious problem. Also referred to as bruxism, teeth grinding can wear and fissure chompers, and it can also form major headaches and earaches as you sleep, leaving you with a nasty feeling when you arise. It’s not a problem that should be ignored, but it is… Read more »

Dental Crown Basics

If a tooth needs to be restored, Dr. may suggest a dental crown in , . A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the entire visible portion of a tooth to protect it and to restore its shape, size, and strength. When is a dental crown needed? Our dentist may recommend… Read more »

Sometimes a Spacer Can Fall Out Right Before Your Next Adjustment

The braces components installed in your mouth at Dr. ’s orthodontic clinic represent a significant investment in the process of realigning your teeth. This is done by attending a routine adjustment session with Dr. every four to six weeks. Each of these outpatient appointments will gradually tension your braces hardware. This will apply a modest… Read more »