A Tooth Suffering from a Lost Filling Needs Timely Dental Treatment

Dr. typically uses a strong dental adhesive or bonding material to secure dental fillings to the surrounding tooth enamel. This is designed to repair a tooth that has been compromised by a small cavity or a minor dental fracture. As the years pass, the bond between the dental filling and the tooth enamel can gradually… Read more »

Baby Teeth Grinding: All You Need to Know

Unfortunately, many parents around the world are stressed about baby teeth grinding. This is common, especially because the clicking, grating, and popping sound their child makes can send chills down their spine. Studies show that about 30 percent of children grind their teeth at a young age, so if your child has this habit, you’re… Read more »

Tooth Extractions and Their Effect on Your Dental Health

A tooth extraction is a process of surgically removing a tooth due to a variety of causes, many of which are due to oral health optimization. However, an extraction means a period of recovery will be necessary. As with all surgical procedures and operations, set aside plenty of time to allow yourself to heal after… Read more »

Are Braces Better Now, Compared to How They Used to Be?

Orthodontic treatments can align your crooked teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted. Fortunately, treatment is better, simpler, and even more convenient compared to the past. This can make deciding to align your smile a lot easier. Dr. is happy to explain the ways orthodontic treatment has advanced. First, braces are now… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Showing Signs of Bruxism-Related Damage?

Do you suffer from bruxism? Bruxism is a common but potentially serious disorder that is characterized by a distinct grinding of your teeth while unconscious. In most cases, bruxism occurs while the victim is sleeping, making a diagnosis difficult. Are you showing any signs of bruxism-related dental damage? If you are unsure, check for the… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Suffering from Any Form of Malocclusions?

Are your teeth suffering from any form of malocclusions? Injury to your teeth in the form of a misalignment can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth breakage. When teeth are not straight, they can easily chip or crack, and cause you enamel damage that can put your entire smile in harm’s… Read more »

A Bridge Restoration Can Be an Effective Method for Replacing a Tooth Lost to Untreated Decay

As tooth decay spreads throughout a tooth, it will gradually compromise an increasing amount of tooth enamel structure. This can also allow the bacterial presence to invade the pulp or root of the tooth. At this point, you are at increased risk of a serious dental infection, or severe dental fracture. Sometimes a tooth in… Read more »

Have You Ever Tried to Restore a Damaged Tooth with a Dental Crown?

Have you ever tried to restore a damaged tooth with a dental crown? A dental crown is a tooth restoration method that can save a tooth from extraction by preventing further damage from occurring by placing a cap directly on top of the selected tooth completely concealing it in the process. Dental crowns can also… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions Often Involve Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is a specific branch in the dental industry that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. If your teeth suffer from multiple cosmetic imperfections, like discolored tooth enamel, chips, or minor areas of dental attrition, our dentists might recommend installing dental veneers over your smile. The process starts with our dentists examining… Read more »

An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Often Needs Surgical Extraction

Your third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are vestigial remnants handed down through the genetics of our ancient ancestors. While they are no longer needed in modern life, they can still be extremely troublesome. The wisdom teeth deep within your gum tissues start attempting emergence in late adolescence. This is rarely a comfortable experience…. Read more »