Our dentists and team use cephalometric X-rays to help us view a complete image of the side of your face. These high-quality images help our dental team to examine your teeth, jaw, and the soft tissues of your mouth. Please call us at 847-485-8767 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wajih Chammae and associates at Family Dental of Palatine and to learn more about cephalometric X-rays in Palatine, Illinois.

Cephalometric X-rays are extraoral radiographs, meaning that they take pictures from outside your mouth. This advanced technology uses a special film holder mounted on a mechanical arm, which captures images by rotating around your head. These images are not only of your teeth and jaw, but also include the nasal and sinus passages, providing our dentists with a view far beyond what can be seen through visual examination. Cephalometric X-rays also expose your body to less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Cephalometric X-rays are not as common as bitewing, or “full set” X-rays, but they have several useful functions, including:

  • Providing views of the side profile of your face
  • Providing views of the jaw in relation to the cheekbone
  • Providing information about malocclusion, or bad bites
  • Allow for measurement of the teeth
  • Identifying fractures and other injuries or damage to the teeth and jawbone
  • Assisting in orthodontic planning

Cephalometric X-rays are painless and safe to use.

If you have questions or concerns about cephalometric X-rays, please contact Family Dental of Palatine to speak with a member of our dental team. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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