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A tooth extraction is a process of surgically removing a tooth due to a variety of causes, many of which are due to oral health optimization. However, an extraction means a period of recovery will be necessary. As with all surgical procedures and operations, set aside plenty of time to allow yourself to heal after a tooth extraction.

If you smoke, stop the habit or at least remove it from your life at least 2 days before and after the surgery. Furthermore, you should follow all instructions you are given by your dentist and use ice packs for swelling and heat packs for reducing pain. If prescribed, take any medications you are given, but only as directed. Avoid consuming any foods or drinks until your anesthetic has worn completely off.

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of rest after the surgery. Your body cannot heal itself if it does not have the time to rest. This includes staying away from strenuous labor including exercising at the gym. A tooth may seem trivial, but even your mouth requires recovery time.

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