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Toothpaste is a product that improves the efficiency of your toothbrush for cleaning the faces of your teeth. Most daily-use brands come with mild abrasive additives to help better remove food particles and plaque. At the same time, some manufacturers produce toothpastes with special additives or alterations to address a specific need.

A brand of toothpaste with added fluoride can help address several issues. Fluoride helps strengthen the mineral density of tooth enamel. This can help prevent tooth decay and even reduce issues with enamel erosion.

There are some brands of toothpaste that have been formulated to mitigate the sensations of tooth sensitivity. They are meant to provide temporary relief of symptoms. You should not see this as a long-term treatment plan.

Whitening toothpastes are formulated with a mild concentration of hydrogen peroxide. These toothpastes help reduce minor surface stains between dental cleanings. However, they will not be strong enough to remove moderate and deep stains on teeth.

Many nonabrasive toothpastes are needed to clean removable dental work like dentures. You might also want to keep some on hand if you need to maintain a custom mouthguard, nightguard or snore guard. Some types of nonabrasive toothpaste have special additives to help mitigate symptoms associated with chronic dry mouth.

Some toothpaste manufacturers make exorbitant marketing claims about the effectiveness of their products. When you’re shopping for a new brand of toothpaste in Palatine, Illinois, you should only consider one that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal represents that the product has been subjected to rigorous testing and research to approve its use in a daily oral hygiene routine.

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