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There is a common misconception among people when it comes to certain types of malocclusion. Malocclusions, or “bad bite,” comes in many forms. One type that is well known is an overbite, when the front upper teeth overcome the bottom lower teeth by an abnormal (about one-third) amount.

The confusion comes because many people use the same term, “overbite,” for a similar but different condition, one that produces “buck teeth” in individuals. This is not an overbite, but it is what is known as an “overjet.” You probably have never heard of it, right? That is because of the fact that so many have been calling it an overbite.

In reality, an overjet is more serious a condition, and harder to fix than an overbite. An overbite concerns the vertical distance of the upper and lower front teeth in relation to each other. For example, a severe overbite is when the bottom front teeth can actually touch the gums of the upper front teeth. By contrast, overjet severity is measured by how far forward the upper front teeth are to the lower front teeth. An example of a serious overjet would be when a patient struggles to keep his/her lips closed because the overjet is so pronounced and the front teeth are protruding so far forward.

Treatment for an overjet usually requires a dental appliance and possibly surgery and/or tooth extraction.

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