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When you choose dentures, you are also choosing a new oral hygiene routine to keep your dental appliance clean and in good shape. If you are unfamiliar with caring for dentures, we offer the following five tips for proper denture care:

1. Rinse your dentures to wash off loose debris such as food particles prior to cleaning your dentures with an abrasive-free cleaner and soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent scratches.

2. While cleaning your dentures, hold them carefully so they aren’t broken by a fall. Place a mat or towel under you to serve as a cushion if you drop the appliance.

3. Soak your dentures when they aren’t being worn so that they aren’t dried out. You can use a denture cleanser or water as long as the water isn’t hot, as this could warp your appliance.

4. Though your new teeth are not at risk of cavities, your mouth still needs to be cleaned of plaque every day. Brush your gums and soft tissues with a soft-bristled toothbrush prior to wearing your dentures so that the hygiene and gum stimulation preserve your healthy mouth.

5. Notify our dentists if your appliance becomes damaged or ill-fitting so that it can receive professional repairs instead of being addressed at home.

You should bring your dentures each time you visit the dentist for a routine appointment so that they can receive any needed adjustments. Contact Family Dental of Palatine at 847-485-8767 today if you have questions for Dr. Wajih Chammae about denture care in Palatine, Illinois.