How Can the Tooth Fairy Teach Brushing?

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Children often think of the Tooth Fairy when they lose a tooth, but did you know the fairy can also help teach good brushing habits? Some lore states that fairies want the best teeth to build their queen’s castle, while teeth of lower quality are ground up and used to pave the streets.

The going rate for a tooth varies from person to person, but some fairies have given larger rewards for teeth without cavities. The Tooth Fairy has also been known to leave notes, on occasion, praising a child for their good dental habits and offering words of encouragement where needed.

Despite your best efforts, some kids will not want to brush and floss. Let your child know that they will make the Tooth Fairy happy by taking care of their teeth. When your child does activities to take care of their teeth, it earns them a point with the Tooth Fairy which can go towards one of their rewards. Such activities are things like brushing and flossing, going to the dentist, eating healthy food, and smiling—because fairies love to see smiles and healthy teeth!

Another activity to get your child consciously thinking of their teeth is to keep a daily, weekly or monthly teeth journal. You can tell your child that tooth fairies want to keep track of the teeth they will buy. Your child could write about things that have happened, dentist visits, or anything the Tooth Fairy might find interesting.

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