Holiday Dentistry: Cavity Prevention

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Do you have an effective cavity prevention checklist in place? That is to say, are you taking the necessary steps to keep your smile safe due to proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and ideal lifestyle choices? If not, here are a few suggestions you should ask yourself to determine if your oral health care is effective:

– Do you always make sure to brush between your teeth at least twice a day with a safe, non-abrasive toothpaste?

– Do you always make sure to floss between every tooth with an effective interdental cleaning tool?

– Are you making sure you’re eating a healthy diet with nutritious enamel-building minerals?

– Are you visiting your dentist for regular checkups and examination?

– Are using mouthwash to wash way harmful acids and bacteria?

– Are you using chewing gum after meals to help clean your mouth?

– Are you avoiding sticky or chewy foods which can stick to your mouth and promote cavities and tooth decay?

Do you require a dentist in Palatine, Illinois? To set up an oral exam for cavity prevention at Family Dental of Palatine, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at our dentist office with Dr. Wajih Chammae and the rest of our team. We can be reached at 847-485-8767.