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Have you received root canal treatment in the past? Typically, Dr. Nidal Obeid and our team perform this treatment as a method to save teeth so that they don’t need to be removed. We offer a review of the importance of root canal treatment in treating and preventing dental complications in your smile.

A root canal is often required in situations where the dental pulp has been damaged beyond repair and can’t be preserved. Because the pulp contains connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels, it’s important to the function of the tooth. However, even without pulp, a healthy tooth can remain very strong for several more years.

The tooth enamel can become injured if you experience an oral accident or receive blunt trauma to the head, neck and face may cause damage to the teeth. If a tooth develops cracks, chips or fractures, it could become vulnerable to bacteria that invades the tooth and causes inner damage.

Additional dental health risks include tooth enamel erosion and cavities that could result in pulp damage. A cavity creases a hole in the tooth enamel that enables bacteria to enter the tooth and cause significant risk to your pulp. To keep your tooth enamel protected against the damage that can arise from harmful acids, we encourage you to practice effective oral health routines such as brushing and flossing. Otherwise, when the pulp has been deeply affected, you may need to have root canal treatment performed to give your tooth a second chance.

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