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Unfortunately, many parents around the world are stressed about baby teeth grinding. This is common, especially because the clicking, grating, and popping sound their child makes can send chills down their spine. Studies show that about 30 percent of children grind their teeth at a young age, so if your child has this habit, you’re not alone. To help you feel better about your child grinding their teeth, Dr. Nidal Obeid has some information they would like to share with you.

The teeth grinding habit usually occurs when your child is soothing teething discomfort, trying out their new little teeth (Babies like to experiment. That’s how they learn, you know), and trying to relieve pain and discomfort that result from an earache or allergy. Because the baby teeth are temporary, there is nothing to worry about. The worst that could happen is that the teeth get worn down. But, eventually, the teeth will fall out of the mouth and be replaced with new, permanent teeth.

The teeth grinding habit should disappear with time. To save your child’s teeth as much as possible, you can try to open their jaw when they are grinding (you can do so by using your thumb and middle finger to push the sides of the cheeks inside the mouth) or you can encourage them to chew on teething toys. If your child continues to grind their teeth when their permanent teeth move into the mouth, that is when it’s time to consult the dentist.

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