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When a cavity first develops on a tooth, it can sometimes spread quickly. This is even more likely to be an issue if you don’t practice consistent daily oral hygiene measures, or you fail to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkup at Family Dental of Palatine’s dental office.

If an area of tooth decay has spread too far to be treated by a dental filling Dr. Obeid might advocate treating the tooth with a dental crown restoration. This treatment plan is designed to eventually replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate material such as gold, metallic alloy, or dental grade porcelain.

Dr. Obeid will start by numbing the tooth and the underlying gums. Then they will remove whatever remains of the original tooth enamel layer to create an abutment. This will eventually anchor the dental crown in your mouth. An impression will then be produced of the area which will be sent to a professional dental lab. It will be used to guide the dental technicians who will create your new dental crown.

After it has been cemented onto the abutment the dental crown will fully restore the tooth’s basic function in your mouth. If you live in the Palatine, Illinois, area and you have an untreated cavity on one of your teeth, you should call 847-485-8767 to seek timely treatment at Family Dental of Palatine.